What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video and audio conferencing tool which makes online meetings and mobile connection easy. The web-conferencing platform provides a high quality experience which works on a wide range of devices and operating systems including MacOS, iOS, Windows, and Android. Antioch University relies on Zoom for the vast majority of its online meeting and webinar needs.

Zoom Licensed Meeting Accounts

Zoom meeting accounts allow for sessions of up to 24 hour duration for up to 300 participants. Zoom meetings provide HD quality video and audio, active speaker and gallery views, screen sharing, breakout rooms, telephone call-in, desktop and application sharing, private and group chat, cloud recording via Antioch's Zoom cloud storage space, and a variety of other features.

All Antioch students and employees receive a Licensed account for their use. If you do not automatically receive your invitation to set up a Zoom account using your Antioch email address, please contact the Zoom administrator or the Antioch IT Help Desk. Once you receive your invitation, our Zoom Account Setup guide will help you with getting started.

Zoom Webinars

Zoom webinars are specialized meeting type that have a more traditional webinar format, with a speaker or panelists presenting content to a most passive audience (called attendees) that have their cameras and microphones muted. Attendees in a webinar retain the ability to provide feedback through a live Q&A feature, in chat, and via polling (if enabled). Antioch’s two Zoom Webinar accounts enable broadcasts for up to 1,000 attendees each. Both accounts are centrally managed by Antioch's IT department, which provides technical support, training, and production assistance. Employees can schedule a Zoom webinar by contacting the Antioch Webinar Coordinator or the Antioch IT Help Desk.

How to Request Licensed Zoom Accounts for Your Department or Antioch Organization

Department administrators and coordinators, as well as organizational leaders can request Licensed Zoom accounts for departmental use (using a departmental or organizational email account). Student organizations must also include written approval from your faculty adviser (email is also acceptable). Submit a request to the Antioch Help Desk and include the email address(es), service account name (if applicable), department or organization, and any other details that may be relevant, with the request.

Zoom Learning Center

The Zoom Learning Center, a free resource for users from beginner to experienced users, is a one stop shop for learning about Zoom's products and features. Between "Show Me" quick videos, online courses, and live training, the Learning Center accommodates all types of learning styles. Get started with the Learning Center by creating an account using your Zoom login credentials.

Zoom's YouTube Channel

Zoom's YouTube channel has dozens of video related to Zoom, including video presentations from Zoomtopia, Zoom's annual conference.

Zoom Community

An online community that is a collaborative space for all Zoom users to start discussions, ask questions, and resolve inquiries. You can check it out here.

An Educator’s Guide to Using Zoom in the Classroom

Get started using Zoom in your classroom and find tips and resources for engaging your parents and students. Produced by Zoom with instructors at all levels of education in mind.You can find the Guide on Zoom's web site here.

Antioch Produced Zoom Instructional Videos

A collection of Zoom-related tutorials can be found on the Antioch University Academic Technology YouTube site.