All current and retired employees, students, and alumni have free access to a basic Zoom account by using their Antioch email address to sign up.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video and audio conferencing tool which makes online meetings and mobile connection easy. The web-conferencing platform provides a high quality experience which  works on a wide range of devices and operating systems including MacOS, iOS, Windows, and Android. You are encouraged to explore and try out Zoom’s collaborative and interactive features!  

Antioch Zoom License Types

Basic accounts allow for one-to-one sessions of unlimited duration and group sessions of 40 minutes for up to 300 participants. Basic account features

Pro accounts have all the functions of a Basic account plus group sessions with unlimited meeting duration, and other specialized features. You may schedule use of a Pro Zoom account by contacting your department. Pro account features

Antioch’s Zoom Webinar account enables broadcasts for up to 500 participants with live Q&A features. Access to Zoom Webinar is available upon request through the Antioch Help Desk.

How to Request a Pro Zoom Account

Request a Pro Zoom Account in consultation with your department administrator/Zoom coordinator for your organizational unit. If you are a Zoom Account coordinator, you may submit a request to the Antioch Help Desk on behalf of individuals or groups in your department. Please consult the Zoom Pro Account Distribution Guidelines for additional criteria for assigning Pro accounts.

Zoom's YouTube Channel

Zoom's YouTube channel has dozens of video related to Zoom, including video presentations from Zoomtopia, Zoom's annual conference.

Antioch Produced Zoom Videos

Zoom Coordinators Information Session (October 24th, 2017)